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Hart, Mieras, & Morris, Inc. is a full-service Law Firm with five offices in the Los Angeles area. Founded in 1962, we are a true multi-professional office, providing Legal, Financial, Accounting, Tax, Insurance and Real Estate services. Our clients find it helpful to have several professional services available within the same office. Particularly families who have recently lost loved ones find it extremely helpful having under one roof all of the services needed to handle the transition of assets from one generation to the next. Our services include Estate Planning, Money Management, Financial and Retirement Planning, Investments, Insurance, Tax, Accounting Services (1040, 1041 & 706), and Real Estate transactions. Read more about: Money Management | Real Estate | Insurance | Tax & Accounting Services

Investment Planning and Money Management

Professional Advisory Services - Hart, Mieras & Morris - Southern California Living Trusts Attorneys

Professional Advisory Services provides financial advice to clients and manages fee-based portfolios. Professional Advisory Services has extensive experience with the financial and estate planning issues that face investors.

The firm manages, but is not limited to:

  • IRA, 403b Accounts
  • Pension Accounts
  • Charitable Foundations
  • Charitable Organizations
  • Retirement Accounts
  • Corporate Accounts
  • Trust Accounts

We do not use a buy-and-hold philosophy. When the economy or stock market dictates a change, we make these necessary changes as soon as possible. We will move your money into money market funds preventing a slide into the pits. Since there are no transaction charges these moves into or out of the market cost you nothing.

The number one objective of Professional Advisory Services is to preserve the clients' assets rather than take high risk for maximum gain. Our success in the face of the 2007 and 2008 stock market and economic problems show the wisdom of this philosophy.

Since the founding of our firm, our approach to planning has been neither traditional nor formula-driven. We believe that our money management process delivers the least risk for our clients. Our active daily money management service helps clients as they move through various stages of life where wealth accumulation and capital preservation are needed.

Professional Advisory Services works with Cetera Advisor Networks and Pershing LLC (subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon) that serve as custodians for all client assets. These national firms provide physical custody of assets, brokerage services, account maintenance and reporting services as well as online access to accounts. Professional Advisory Services never holds your assets or your money.

We invite you to explore how our approach leads serious investors to place their trust in us so they can achieve their goals. Our ambition is to serve as our clients' most valued financial advisor. At Professional Advisory Services, we welcome the opportunity to serve you.

Please contact Professional Advisory Services for Investment Advice, Money Management and Estate Planning.

Real Estate

Professional Real Estate Services provides professional assistance to clients who are selling properties, transferring properties to CRTs, refinancing, or purchasing new real estate. We are dedicated to providing exceptional real estate representation and employ a “team” concept of hardworking, caring agents and staff to meet our clients’ real estate needs in Residential buying and selling; Multi-family property investing; 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges (see below), Land acquisition and sales; Small commercial and Non-profit. Professional Real Estate Services, Inc. is dedicated to exceeding our clients’ expectations and we are focused on achieving a performance level that fosters long term client relationships.

Dick Davis

Dick Davis is President and CEO of Professional Real Estate Services, and has worked in the Real Estate industry for over 20 years. He has served on Advisory Boards for many organizations, such as the YMCA, Salvation Army, and Los Angeles District Properties Board. Mr. Davis has been named one of the “Ten Best Mannered Business People in Pasadena” by the Pasadena Star News and has strong relational ties within the real estate brokerage industry and among city leaders in all areas of professional pursuit. He has gained a highly respected reputation for quality service, proven performance and superior ethical business practices.

1031 Exchanges are a popular option for clients wanting to sell rental properties without paying capital gains/income tax. These taxes can be avoided by using the Internal Revenue Code that allows you to sell your current rental property and reinvest all of the proceeds from the sale into a new property that is a similar, or a “like-kind” property. This allows clients to invest 100% of the proceeds from the sale, rather than perhaps only 75% (after paying state & federal taxes). As a result, clients can sell their “problem” properties and invest in a new or larger property as tenants in common (“TIC”). TIC lets them invest without having the obligation or headaches of managing property, since a professional manager would manage the commercial property and provide the client with income.


Professional Estate Services provides unique options and solutions to clients who want to preserve, protect and pass on their assets. Cost effective and tax efficient strategies are key to the control of wealth.

Long Term Care

In addition to traditional Long Term Care Insurance, which is often a good solution for the younger client, we assist senior clients in creating a designated fund that will pay for potential long term care costs. If the fund created is not used for care, it passes to the beneficiaries or to the Living Trust. With the recent passage of the Pension Protection Act (PPA), specially designated non-qualified annuities can allow individuals to take cash value withdrawals for long-term care (LTC) expenses income tax-free, regardless of cost basis.

Estate Planning: Wisdom, Wealth and Worth

Estate Planning: Wisdom, Wealth and Worth

Estate planning is not only about assets. Leaving a legacy in the form of family values is equally as important as maximizing the transfer of assets. Equalization of assets to heirs, charitable giving, and tax issues are all part of planning considerations.

Multigenerational planning can be key to reducing estate size for future generations. Using various techniques including premium financing strategies, a large estate can be reduced to a manageable size.

Objectives of an estate plan usually include:

  • Stop or slow down growth of taxable estate assets
  • Maximize use of annual gift exclusions
  • Leverage lifetime estate tax exclusions
  • Preserve family wealth for future generations

A common way to pay estate tax is to establish a life insurance trust that purchases a policy making the proceeds excludible from the decedent’s estate.

Mary Lou Reid

Mary Lou Reid, CFP, graduated from the College for Financial Planning, attended New York University Graduate School of Business and received her Masters Degree from the University of Nevada. Ms. Reid is an independent Registered Investment Advisor, and is licensed in insurance and real estate. She has credentials as a Long-Term Care Insurance specialist and as a Certified Senior Advisor. Ms. Reid has been in practice as a financial planner since 1984.

John Celentano

John Celentano, CSA, has a Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degree from New York University. He is also a Certified Senior Advisor. Mr. Celentano has successfully served in the insurance industry since 1979 as an agent and broker for many leading life and health insurance companies. John partners with Mary Lou Reid to fulfill our clients’ long term care planning and advanced estate planning needs.

Tax & Accounting Services

Professional Estate Services provides professional service to our individual, business and estate clients who need individual, estate, corporate, LLC or other business related annual tax returns prepared.

Estate Tax Work: Upon the death of a Trustor, (someone who’s created a Trust), if their estate requires a “706 Estate Tax Return”, our Law Firm provides this service, since we are intricately involved with all aspects of the estate. When an additional 1041 tax return is required, we prepare both returns so that all possible tax deductions are taken.

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